Content Management - tailor made

Content management systems do just that – manage content. But like all our web development approaches, we offer tailored content management solutions. We ask:

  • What is the content?
  • Where is it used?
  • How is it managed?
  • Who manages it?
  • How do they want to manage it?

The 'content' could be product data for your online shop, you may need to update the foreign currency exchange rates, or add a new property to your online auction site.

Your content management system will depend if you are a client who wants complete control of your website. You may have a dedicated design team or web editor. You may just want to know how to change a bit of text on your homepage every six months, or want to upload articles or add news. Or you may have no interest or knowledge of websites and can barely operate a computer. It doesn't matter. Our developers tailor solutions to suit you.