Great ecommerce web design is a must to succeed

Great ecommerce web design is a must to succeed

If someone had told you at the turn of the 21st Century that there would be more ecommerce businesses in the United Kingdom than brick-and-mortar businesses, you would have laughed them out the door. However, the truth of the matter is nearly 75% of businesses in the UK are sole-traders using ecommerce sites.

Ecommerce is now one of the major sources of income for businesses, and to succeed in this highly competitive area, you need to pay attention to your sites design.

Implementing simple tips in your sites design can make it stand out from the crowd.

Good product navigation

Having a simple user interface is important in every site, but in an ecommerce site it is essential. Users like to shop around, so make it simple to navigate to different products and categories, suggest similar products, and have an easy to use search tool.

Amazon spent a lot of money in the design of their product navigation, which is why they are one of the biggest ecommerce sites in the world.

Innovative call to action

Having a simple call to action such as ‘buy now’ will not be as effective on an ecommerce so think about what you can do to entice your user. Featured products work well because they are highlighting the latest deals or the newest products.

As featured products tend to go centre stage on the landing page, that means your call to action is the most prominent feature on your site.

Provide a range of product images

This is a big one. The main disadvantage of trading via ecommerce is that your user cannot see the item they are buying, and this puts a lot of people off. So provide them with an image gallery for each product.

You may not think a user wants to see the underneath of a shoe, but some do, and why risk losing their custom?

Having an interactive gallery where the user can move around the image and zoom in on it is one of the best ways to really increase your conversion rate on your ecommerce site.

Additionally increasing your users trust in your site is a sure-fire way to make your ecommerce site a success. Include contact details, phone numbers, have a clear returns policy, be clear on shipping details and provide tracking. All these little issues make a big impact in your sites success, so if you don’t tailor your design around them to stand out, you are designing your site to fail.


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