How to build a lead generation website

Lead generation websites can deliver higher SERPs whilst providing more targeted traffic for your website. This in turn provides you with more leads and more sales.

If you look at examples of some good lead generation websites, it’s clear to see what simple techniques work, and what you should be incorporating onto your site.

The following steps are all capable of increasing conversion rates:

Have a contact number

Having a contact number for many users is a comfort factor, because it makes them aware that if something should go wrong, they can actually speak to someone. Just seeing the number instantly builds a level of trust. It also lends credibility to your website.

You may think that having a contact number will just mean you are answering the phone all the time, its likely that many people will still contact you via email, and only use the contact number if there are problems after purchasing from you.

Add testimonials or a portfolio

Testimonials have always been a great marketing tool, but in modern times people tend to wonder how credible they actually are. If you do include testimonials on your site, add photos to increase their credibility (genuine photos).

A portfolio can also help because if your user see’s that you have helped credible companies, or businesses in their industry, it increases their trust in you.

Use whitespace effectively, but don’t clutter your site

The use of whitespace in web design can make a major impact on your end goal. However, rather than trying to fill all of it like most lead generator websites, use it effectively around your call to actions, content, photos etc.

Not only will it make them stand out more, it won’t distract your customers – lowering your conversion rate – by having too much information on one page.

Use trust seals

A trust seal that is targeted to your user can increase your conversion rate. Indeed, research shows that customers who see a trust seal are nearly 8% more likely to purchase.

Have a form on every page

Your form is your call to action, it’s what your want your user to fill in to gain your lead. So if you are making them search all over your site to find it, you are increasing the chance of them giving up and going to another site.

Make it as easy as possible by putting the form on every page. A good technique is in the first step of the form not to ask for too much information, that way you won’t scare the user off.

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