How to develop a website that converts

More and more businesses are moving to the web in an attempt to increase sales, so you need to do something to stand out, and attract people to your site.

However, attracting people to your site is only half the battle. If you’re not converting that traffic into sales, then your site isn’t doing what it needs to be doing.

There are certain techniques you can incorporate into your website to increase the chances of it converting. If your site isn’t doing any of these, give them a try:

Improve the aesthetic-usability effect

In layman’s terms, this means show the user the products you are selling. The main difference between a website and a brick-and-mortar business is that in the latter, I can hold the product, look at it, and make judgements based on this.

These barriers will always be in place for a website, but you can go someway to breaking them down. Have a gallery showing more than one image of your product.

Even if you are selling digital goods which we can’t touch, show screenshots of it in use so the customer get’s a good understanding of what it is they are buying.

Such a simple thing can increase a user’s trust in a product and increase the chances of them wanting to buy it.

Implement AIDA into your content

AIDA stands for ‘attention, interest, desire and action’ and is a well known sales strategy. It is also very easy to incorporate into your website.

First of all, capture the readers attention, this can as simple as creating an eye-catching headline. Once you have their attention, pique their interest by explaining how your service or product is going to help them.

Next, you need to generate a desire for your goods. This is quite a simple step, as all you need to do is explain the benefits of your goods, or how they have helped similar customers. Finally, a simple call to action, such as offering at a discounted price for a limited time should get that all important conversion.

While this focuses around your content, incorporating your design around the message you want to send out increases it’s effectiveness, so focus on what you want to say before adding visual elements.
Make things simple

Making it easy for the user to contact you or make a purchase will see your conversion rate increase.

Display prices on your products clearly, and make sure the user can see where they click to buy the product. If your call to action is overshadowed by advertising, it will hurt your conversion rate.

Also, always make sure you have a ‘Contact Us’ link in the navigation bar. People sometimes like to have answers to their questions before making a purchase, but if they can’t find out how to contact you, they will give up a go to your competitors.

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