Intranet development can help with internal management

An intranet is a useful tool to help streamline internal business processes. It can also help to improve communication within your business, and help information to be shared quickly.

Therefore it is important to have a high quality intranet design that will attract your employees and make them want to use it. If you are not attracting people to use your intranet, it is unable to do the job it was designed for.

Therefore, when designing your intranet, it is important to keep in mind what you want it to do, and design around those goals.

What are your intranets requirements?

Record keeping

A lot of intranets in the corporate world are now used to help record keeping. This reduces the need for administration work. For instance, if your employees need to book time off work, or have scheduled a meeting and need to book a room out, incorporating processes that allow this in your intranet design can save time and money.

Internal Communications

Intranets are an important communications tool for internal messages, not just from management downwards, but across different departments also. Your intranet can be designed to deliver key business messages, what your business goals are, and important updates. Also, it can be used to bring employees together by encouraging two way communication and sharing ideas.

Video messages and staff training

You can develop your intranet to deliver multimedia, such as staff training with guidance videos, which can then be made available to your employees. It can also be useful if you have an internal staff newsletter.

Document Management

Many intranets have been developed to store documents, such as HR policies, or procedure guides. These can then be accessed by staff so HR does not need to answer questions on a regular basis. Developing your intranet like this could save time and resources which could be used better else place.

Moral boosting

As any business owner know, staff with high moral with perform their tasks better than those with low moral. You can develop your intranet to bring a sense of togetherness and community spirit to your business by incorporating message boards or social media feeds. Even an online chat facility can boost moral as it means staff won’t be away from their desks to often but can still talk to people.

Simple ideas in the development of your intranet can really improve the internal management of your business. Think about what your management goals are and then design your intranet around this.

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