Amazon Integration

Amazon has become an indispensable part of trading for online merchants who covet success. Exposed Systems wants to ensure you become a part of this success with Amazon integration.

We offer a comprehensive incorporation between your Amazon account and your e-commerce store. This means any order placed for your goods or services on Amazon will get transferred into the back end of your e-commerce store. Any changes made to the order status, stock levels or prices will update the corresponding data on your Amazon account.

Our Amazon integration allows you to run your Amazon account in sync with your e-commerce store by providing you with a user-friendly dashboard to manage your operations.

Other advantages of Amazon integration include:

·         State-of-the-art mapping configuration to make Amazon classification simpler.

·         No need to make a separate webpage.

·         An Amazon integration that complies with the policies and terms set by Amazon.

·         Freedom to publish your product catalogue and get orders via Amazon.

·         Communication records, order records and Amazon data fully visible and easy to access via automated trackers.

·         Ability to manage 100% of your Amazon transactions via your e-commerce store backend.

The Amazon integration by Exposed Systems can provide you with bulk shipment, order cancellation, and refunds so that you can immediately update the orders you receive, helping you maintain the merchant performance index.

Aside from Amazon integration, we also provide the Amazon Seller Central program. This enables retailers to sell their products within the Amazon marketplace. It gives your products visibility and exposure to the millions of Amazon customers. It is simple to use, and you can view your orders, manage them, integrate your shopping cart, and view reports of your products performances on the marketplace.

Our developers consider every little detail when it comes to Amazon integration. It's all well and good selling your product on the marketplace but what happens when it comes to delivering your goods? We can factor in delivery variables so you don't have to charge a standard delivery price. We can also create a system for stock management so that you’ll know instantly if a product is sold out.

Our developers can make your products and services visible to millions of buyers via Amazon integration. Contact us now to discuss your needs.