eBay Integration

Finding a developer that can link your e-commerce website to search engines and websites such as eBay is becoming essential if you want to achieve success. eBay integration allows you to advertise your products on the world's most popular auction site and reach a pool of potential customers numbering in the millions.

For an e-commerce business, eBay is one of the best sales channels on the internet to boost your product sales. Whilst many e-commerce businesses have enjoyed success by focussing on either their website or their eBay store, they don't enjoy the success that comes with focussing on both, which can be easily done with eBay integration.

If your business is conducted entirely via an eBay store, then you are subject to any changes eBay make to their terms and policies, as well any changes they make to their fees. However, on the other hand, if you work exclusively as an e-commerce website, you miss out on your product and services being marketed to millions of potential buyers. It is also much easier to find products on eBay than searching all over the internet, especially as eBay has established itself as a trustworthy site to buy from.

Exposed Systems developers offer eBay integration modules that are designed to automatically post your products on eBay when you sell them via your e-commerce site. Saving you time and money, you could list all of your products from your e-commerce website on eBay as a 'Buy It Now' product via the application programming interface rather than posting each individual item on both sites.

Our eBay integration allows you to control your eBay shop from one location in real time. Procedures such as adding and removing products, controlling orders and viewing your ongoing auctions can all be controlled via a customer management system. It also enables you to automate the feedback system, which is one of the most time-consuming aspects of an eBay shop.

With Exposed Systems eBay integration, you will be able to:

·         Initiate listings and 'Buy It Now' sales.

·         Push products to eBay stores with the appropriate listing categorisations and pricing.

·         Receive orders from eBay buyers automatically.

·         Update the status of the order (dispatched etc).

eBay integration from our developers can bring you the features, functionality and target audience of both a professional e-commerce site and eBay all in one place. Why not contact us today to discuss your needs?