E-commerce - sell yourself

f you want a website that sells a product or service, our developers will organise all the behind the scenes action. Whether it's categorising products, creating discount codes or managing spotlights and sales. And it's all very well selling something online, but what happens when it comes to delivering your product or service? In Ecommerce, this is called 'fulfilment' – when something virtual becomes something real. Fred in the stockroom has to get into his fork lift truck, dig out the product, package it and charge the right amount to deliver it. If it's the outer Hebrides it could cost £70, but it might just be an address around the corner from Fred. We factor in these delivery variables into our designs. And we can also create systems for stock management – so Fred knows if a product is sold out, if it needs re-ordering or if it's running low. Order tracking allows Fred in the real world of the warehouse deal with the virtual world of sales.

Ecommerce and Payment Providers

As well as making sure your Ecommerce systems are functional, user friendly and efficient, we deal with your payment gateway integration (the online cash register). Our developers use secure systems such as Paypal, Protex, Worldplay and Google checkout or merchant banks such as Natwest Streamline or Barclays that take cash from your client's credit cards and puts it into your bank account. You might need payment gateway integration if your website plans to charge a subscription fee, sells slippers, or requires to take a large deposit for property sold at an online property auction. You might have an existing relationship with a bank – we can accommodate that. Or you might need advice on the most relevant, cost-effective payment gateway integration for you. Our developers will talk you through the options and percentage rates.

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